Corporate trainings for Project Managers and Business Analysts

Corporate trainings from E5 is an opportunity to level up the skills and knowledge of your employees at the most convenient time for your company while adapting the material to the specifics of your business.

The aim of our trainings is to increase the quality and the level of employees’ knowledge, to help them build the right business processes, which means to assist the company to reach a completely new level of development.

The first and foremost question we ask a company as they turn to us is what business problem they expect a business trainer to fix. At first, we identify the business goals of the company, for instance, their wanting to reduce the flow or their desire to increase productivity, and only then do we transform them into the study goals necessary for their achievement. Once we have identified the aims, we move on to designing the course right away. As we go through the designing process, we identify the learning model, the ratio between the practical and the theoretical parts, the structure and the contents of the course. We also create a set of practical tasks to enable work on chosen skills. Once the programme is ready, we finalise it with our customer’s representatives, and agree on how we evaluate the results of the study.

The cost of our corporate trainings depends on the programme you choose, the size of the group, and the duration of a particular training.

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