• Corporate course “Product Management”

    Corporate course “Product Management”

Corporate course “Product Management”

Product Management is a 4-day course of intensive work with a practical thorough study of the customer’s project. It is a combination of a classical product management theory and ingenious practical lessons.

The participants of the course will obtain the ready-made product management technology which successfully works in thousands of product companies. We will introduce you to the major approaches and typical work situations. We will teach you how to create a product and run it throughout all of its life cycle.

The course programme:

  1. Product Lifecycle
  2. Ideation
  3. Product Roadmap
  4. Prioritization Techniques
  5. Product Backlog
  6. Product Requirements Elicitation
  7. MVP and Prototyping
  8. Hypothesis Validation
  9. UX and UI
  10. System Architecture
  11. User Stories and Epics
  12. Comprehensive software product
  13. Product Ownership. Working with Teams
  14. Testing
  15. Product Maintenance
  16. Product Development Organization

Modules programme

Module 1

On the very first day you will learn about a product’s lifecycle; some theory which will help you navigate the information on the subject in the future. We will teach you how to find ideas for a product (will study popular practices which are designed to pick an idea not randomly or based on your inspiration, but a process with a system and a guaranteed result). On that day we will teach you how to create a business model of a product and effectively present it to the stakeholders (sponsors, customers, investors, your colleagues).

You will learn how to design a roadmap of a product. We will look into the techniques of prioritising the features of a product.

Product Lifecycle

  • Simplified model: Initiation, Planning, Development, Launch
  • Vernon’s Product Lifecycle model
  • Deming’s PDCA model


  • Product Vision and Strategy
  • Brainstorming
  • Osterwalder’s Business Model Canvas
  • Maurya’s Lean Canvas
  • Gartner’s Technology Hype Cycle
  • Adizes`s Corporate Life Cycle
  • Eyal`s Hook Model
  • Gartner’s Magic Quadrant
  • Forrester`s Wave
  • Presentation to stakeholders

Product Roadmap

  • Goal and required information for a roadmap
  • How to manage. Regular reviews
  • Template of roadmap
  • Impact on Marketing and Development
  • Product road mapping tools (Atlassian, ProductPlan, other)

Prioritization Techniques

  • Kano`s model
  • Technique WSJF
  • Patton`s Technique of Story Mapping
  • Buy a feature game
  • Clegg`s MOSCOW method
  • Wake`s INVEST method

Module 2

We will teach you how to assemble requirements for a product and arrange them as a backlog. We will take a close look at artefacts and specification models for a product. We will explain what MVP and a prototype are. We will try to single out MVP together. You will learn to present the product requirements to the customer (an investor).

Product Backlog

  • Backlog item
  • The difference from a roadmap
  • Backlog item attribution
  • Backlog dependencies
  • Backlog management Tools (Jira, Trello)
  • Product Requirements Elicitation
  • Requirements sources

Requirements elicitation techniques

  • Interviews, surveys, checklists
  • Added value chain analysis, gap analysis, the theory of constraints (Goldratt)
  • Using the Framework (eTOM example)
  • Black-box model

Requirements elicitation techniques

  • Business Processes Modeling
  • Entity Relationship Diagrams
  • Product Requirements Documentation

MVP and Prototyping

  • What is the purpose of MVP
  • Prototype and types of prototype
  • How to exclude MVP: techniques

Module 3

On this day we will train your ability to formulate hypothesis and confirming them, will teach you to write user stories, and to collaborate with a team of programmers and testers. We will also work with a system architect and UX designer and will teach you how to manage changes and how to form correct customer’s (investor’s) expectations.

Hypothesis Validation

  • Data-driven approach vs. analytical approach
  • Product Metrics
  • A/B testing
  • Product Metrics Dashboard
  • Gathering User Experience
  • Analytical Tools

UX and UI

  • How product manager manages UX
  • UX tools (overview)
  • Major UX lows every PM should know

System Architecture

  • Responsibilities of product manager and system software architect
  • Decomposition problem

User Stories and Epics

  • User story template. Groping in epics
  • Mandatory requirements for a user story
  • Optional requirements for a user story
  • User story workflow
  • How to manage non-functional requirements

Module 4

On our final day, we will have a discussion on how to create a perfect product while following the latest technological and managerial trends; how to persuade the customer in the necessity of certain features directed to provide better quality of the product and to make its management easier. Also we will discuss the questions of product deployment and its maintenance. We will teach you how to correctly close a product, will look at the necessary organisational structure for product development, and how to transform your current structure to adjust it to the requirements of a product company. As an option on our last day we offer our participants to take a test to check how well they have comprehended the material. The testing is a creative activity to tackle which a participant will utilize their knowledge by solving a practical task.

Comprehensive software product

  • Trends for product development
  • Attractive feature extensions

Product Ownership. Working with Teams

  • Who is the product owner
  • Working in an agile environment
  • Relationship with team
  • Planning, backlog refinement and estimation, demo meetings


  • Test planning (test cases, test circles, issue management)
  • Test mapping and attribution
  • Bug reporting

Product Maintenance

  • Metrics and monitoring
  • How product manager shares own load between product support and new development
  • Product End-of-life

Product Development Organization

  • Product Committee
  • Role of Product Director
  • Relationship with the Engineering Department
  • Role of Project Management Office
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