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We help companies to optimize and implement best practices in managing projects. We have multiple success cases in our portfolio, including Agile transformation, SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) implementation, optimizing SDLC processes and building PMO (Project Management Office).

How does software development consulting work?

The initial phase includes the review of company processes by our experts. We perform an audit and form detailed goals and objectives of the planned transformation. The next step is developing and agreeing on the plan of transformation and start executing on it. We are actively involving your employees into the process of change, so they could support it and gain required skills and expertise to perform in the upgraded environment. Our team is actively involved throughout the whole process: acting as coordinators and mentors, conducting required learning (trainings, lectures, webinars, mentoring sessions), assessing the progress and achieved results. We are not just providing recommendations – we help your company to implement them taking into account your business processes, specifics and limitations.

We help with:

  • Agile transformation and scaling. Our portfolio includes successful cases on Agile transformation, SAFe implementation, development process optimization and PMO (Project Management Office) implementation.

  • Proper development methodology choice. Based on client’s assessment, we recommend the proper methodology. It may be predictive methodologies (based on PMBoK standard). Or Agile (Scrum, XP, SAFe, LeSS, Scrum@Scale) and Lean (Kanban) frameworks. Or your own hybrid.

  • Project management process injection. We also help with new process set up: support with first meetings, help to coordinate launch of new roles and ceremonies, set up task tracking boards in Jira etc. With our support the process transformation is under control.

  • Training. Our company provides various training in project management, Agile, business analysis and product management. Also we support personal mentoring for project managers, scrum masters, business analysts, product owners and product managers.

For whom:

  • Companies with growing technical department. You scaled up your IT department and old approaches didn’t work anymore.  There’s no possibility to hire internal scaling specialists due to budget limits or lack of candidates on your local market.
  • Product software companies with challenges in cross-department communication, requirements prioritization and software development planning and delivery.
  • Companies which main focus is not software development. For example, your company is using software platform and you have a small technical department which customize it.
  • Companies with communication gaps between technical and business departments. For example, your time to market is more than you need in order to dominate on the market.

Our services

We offer you the services of our experienced project managers who provide services parttime. It is an ideal option for the companies which need specialists’ expertise but do not provide fulltime workload to be able to take such a specialist on board.

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We will guide your company through every step of the transformation, help you become more flexible, and will demonstrate how you achieve your business goals faster.

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Наші консультанти з 2014 року займаються впровадженням SAFe в найбільших компаніях України. Якщо у вас стоїть завдання швидко й безболісно перейти на SAFe у своїй роботі ми допоможемо зробити цей перехід максимально ефективним.

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We build PMO for a company of any type and size. Our experts with over 10 years of experience will consider all the features of your company and will help devise your own project management approach based on the classical methodology.

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Project audit is the essential measure to take if the quality and the speed of development and demotivated teams are the issues faced, as well as when the stakeholders’ expectations are not met.

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Scrum Assessment is a simple and fast procedure to evaluate your Scrum team as a result of which a precise action plan is formed to boost up its efficiency. The procedure is successfully adapted to increase team’s bonding, quality of development, the speed, and to help the employees focus on the value delivery and not just on features.

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Our cases

Case: Implementation of Scaled Agile Framework at CloudMade. Is it possible to run SAFe in a month’s time at a company with 120 employees?

Company: CloudMade Sphere of expertise: AI solutions for automobile industry Tasks to be solved: run SAFe in the shortest possible time   Background: the company has done the methodology analysis which resulted in taking the decision to utilize SAFe in order to expedite the development process of the core product.   Results: E5 experts prepared and tested the first PI planning within a month’s time As a part of the preparation for PI session, 70 people were taught the basics of SAFe...

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Case: Agile transformation at SalesDoubler. IT changes at a non-IT company.

Area: A number one network in Ukraine of partnership payment action programmes. Tasks to be solved: to help bring order in platform development, i.e. streamline tasks in IT division, to make a plan for its scalability and to implement it within the shortest possible time frame. Particularly, it is essential to identify the best way to organize the product development having taken into consideration the already existing needs and limitations of the business. Background: The company per se is n...

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