• Outsourced Project Manager

    Outsourced Project Manager

Outsourced Project Manager

Outsourced Project Manager is a service for the companies which require an experienced specialist’s expertise, however, there are not enough tasks for the specialist to have full workload, or if such a specialist has not been hired on staff and yet the project must be managed as per right now.

We will provide one of our experts who will help to carry out complex company’s projects. This specialist will be with your company for as long as it is necessary to get a steady flow of business goals achievements.

Besides the actual implementation of projects, we take the responsibility of developing your personnel. Hence, having ended the cooperation with E5 all the implemented processes will not be discarded but will be further evolving and will be supported by your personnel’s newly gained and updated expertise.

How to work with Outsourced Project Manager от Е5?

Depending on the type and size of your product, ambitions and aims of your company, we will select the right specialist for you and will follow these steps:

  1. We will hold interviews and workshops with the employees and owners to identify the current state of the project, the team, and the aims which the business assigns for them.
  2. We will evaluate the aims, the expected result, and the scope of the work to be done to achieve.
  3. We will create a timetable and a plan to implement a project.
  4. We will take on the implementation of the project consistently controlled by E5 Expert Board.
  5. We will prepare a plan for your teams’ specialists development and the development of your projects. In case your company experiences a shortage of such employees, we will assist with hiring them for you.
  6. Upon project completion, we will pass it on to the back-office support.

As a result, you get an independent evaluation of the sate of your project, product, IT team, successfully implemented improvements, and trained specialists who will continue developing your project onwards after Outsourced Project Manager completion.

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