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    Project Audit

Project Audit

If the quality and the speed of development on the project is dissatisfactory, the teams are overloaded, the expected result is absent, while the clients are unhappy, it means there is a big issue and the whole project management process should be re-evaluated and changed.

So where do we begin?

Hearing this question from our clients, we draw an analogy with a patient who addresses a doctor. The patient has a concern, but to find the root of the problem is somewhat problematic. So, what an experienced doctor would begin from? Obviously, a doctor would start the treatment process by asking relevant questions, tests, and research. A similar situation is with the projects which require treatment. Prior to the actual treatment, a diagnosis of key points of the “illness” should be performed.

E5 team has developed a very efficient diagnostic tool which allows to reveal all the typical project problems in a matter of a couple of days and can offer specific steps to eliminate these problems.

This particular product can be utilised in forecasted (Waterfall) as well as in incrementally iterative (Agile) and hybrid projects, in big and small companies, with PMO or without, in start-ups, outsourcing and product companies, in IT and non IT areas.

How does audit from E5 happen?

Depending on the type of the product, size of the project, ambitions and the goals, we will select the most suitable tools and will perform the following steps:

  1. We will conduct interviews and workshops with the employees and business owners.
  2. Will apply the best methodologies for evaluation.
  3. We will describe clear and exact results and recommendations on how to improve the processes.
  4. We will provide the implementation plan for short and long term.
  5. We will equip you with other useful consultations and expertise depending on the problems revealed.

As the outcome, you will obtain a list of precise steps to take in order to help your project recover.

The duration of the audit depends on the size of the project and teams. An audit for the project with the team of 20 people will take approximately 3 days. The audit is conducted by the experts in Project Management – Helen Lubchak and Alex Shebanov. They both have had experience working for outsourcing, outstaffing, and product companies. They also have expertise in Agile transformation and Consulting in Project Management.

Please remember, the success of your product highly depends on the quality of your project management. New level of your process management means new level of your product, your teams, and your business.

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