• Workshop for mentors

    Workshop for mentors

Workshop for mentors

After the workshop for mentors each participant will have the clear understanding of the mentor’s role, how to teach adults. And will have its own mentoring program for his or her mentee.

This workshop consists of 2 parts:

Module 1: how to be a good mentor (up to 4 hours)

  • Mentor’s motivation: why I’m doing it?
  • What is mentoring? Who is a mentor? Types of mentors.
  • Mentoring cycle (initiation, negotiation, enablement, closure)
  • How adults study. Kolb’s learning cycle.
  • Group work: case study of different mistakes during the mentoring.
  • Results presentation and feedback.
  • Mentoring tools. PDP (Personal Development Plan) and mentoring.
  • Education tools.
  • Who is good mentor: required skills for the good mentor.
  • Q&A session.

Module 2: how to grow the trainee to junior in 3 months (up to 4 hours)

  • Group work: prepare program (topics to be covered) for trainee for next 3 months.
  • Results presentation and feedback.
  • Group work: prepare expected program’s result for each stage (week by week) and choose ways of education (mentoring sessions, books, article, pair work etc.).
  • Group work: create meetings schedule based on trainee’s program.
  • Tips and tricks: how to be a good mentor.
  • Q&A session in a month with the trainer.
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